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NUR. & K.G. February Formation of Horizental,Verticl,lines and Circle
March Balance Cordination(Introducing Ball Handling)
APRIL Going to School Race with bag,Tunnel Ball Relay
JUNE Family Race, Banana Race, Mass PT,
JULY Hanky Race, Jalebi Race & Musical Drill, Kangaroo Relay
AUGUST Back Race & Frog Race, Toffy Race,PEC Activity
OCT/NOV. Toy Race & Musical Drill/ Mass PT,
CLASS 1ST AND 2ND February 50mtr Race, Mass PT (Inter-House)
March Dumbbles Drill , Kho-Kho
APRIL Sideward Running Race, Lezim Drill
JUNE Zig Zag Race and three legs Race,Basket Ball Dribbling
JULY Lemon & Spoon Race and one leg Race ,Volley Ball Drill
AUGUST Frog Race , Book balance Race, Dogdge Ball
OCT/NOV Backward Race, and Flag Drill (Inter House),PEC Activity
CLASS 3RD TO 5TH February Hurdle Race
March Inter House Kho-Kho
APRIL Inter House Football (Boys) Inter House Corram board (Girls) Inter House lazium Display
JUNE Inter House Kabbadi (Boys) Inter House Kho-Kho ( Girls), Mass PT Competition
JULY Atheletic Events ( 50Mtr.,100Mtr. 200Mtr, , 50X4 relay Race, long Jump )
AUGUST Inter House Badminton and Yoga , Inter House Dumbles Drill,Inter House Kabaddi (One Team each House)
OCT/NOV. Sack Race , leg Cricket, Inter House lazium Display
CLASS 6TH TO 8TH February Atheletic Events (100Mtr. 200Mtr, 400Mtr ,100X4 relay Race,
March Hurdle Race,Long Jump,Triple Jump
APRIL Inter House Cricket(Boys), Inter House Kho-Kho(Girls) Inter House Kabaddi (One Team each House)
JUNE Inter House Football(Boys) Inter House Corram board (Girls) ,Inter House Dumbles Drill
JULY High Jump, Shot put, Javelin Throw ,
AUGUST Inter House Badminton, Table Tenis, Hand Ball & Basket Ball (Boys&Girls One Team)
OCT/NOV. Inter House Mass PT & Inter House Yoga, Inter House Volley Ball
CLASS 9TH TO 12TH February Inter house Cricket & Badminton tournament (One Team each House)
March 100X4 relay Race,Hurdle Race
APRIL Hand ball compitition , Shot put javelin throw
JUNE Inter house Football , Table Tennis & Basket Ball (One Team each House)
JULY Atheletic Events 100Mtr. 200Mtr, 400Mtr , long Jump & High Jump
AUGUST Inter House Volleyball & Kabbadi, (One Team each House)
OCT/NOV. Inter House Mass PT & Inter House Yoga ,Triple Jump (One Team each House)

The school has state-of –the art facilities in the field of sports and games, and it organizes various tournaments. This has resulted in increased participation and hence excellence in sports at District and State levels.

Achievement in Sports Activities

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